G7 Solar Phone
The Best Smart Phone Ever
Most people don’t realize the power of physics, and the fact that all energy in this world comes from the sun. It is as natural a relationship as we can possibly get. The sun is a humongous gift, and all too often we have side-stepped adequately leveraging this gift, as we fell down the rabbit hole of technologic advancement blended with capitalism.
The problem with most every single thing we do is some company is making out on giving us a service that the sun would otherwise provide for free. Nearly everything we do that requires electricity, and cells, and towers and all of this other business that has made our world one, humongous electronic web of waves that we would wander through every day, can be provided by the sun, not to mention in a much healthier manner.
Finally someone has decided to leverage that power of the sun, and help us move from the “constantly dead battery” status on most of our smart phones, to a phone that is a beautiful hybrid combining the power of the sun during the day with the efficacy of battery usage when the sun goes down at night. This is very smart business.
The Curve smart phone , the brainchild of inventor Margarita Moore, is currently gaining traction, and soon this phone will likely be in the hands of many people on our planet. The dead battery status of so many devices will largely cease to be a factor with solar-powered smart phones.
Ms. Moore is truly altruistic in her efforts to bring this phone to market
IMs. Moore likely has a heart larger than the sun, because not only has she decided to make our children’s lives safer by developing a model of a phone that will never fail them during daylight hours, when most of our children are away from us, but she also identifies that there is a problem in our society that she just cannot fix with this device. That problem has to do with the fact that children are being killed every day.
The Curve phone will help every person in this world stop using so much electricity, to use the sun to power our coveted smart phone devices, and also help parents whose children have left the world prematurely have a source for funds to bury their child. This company, device and creator represent a serendipitous confluence-of-events showcasing all that is great about American society.
This is the stuff from which we are made, and that which makes our country great. Ms. Moore should be lauded for her efforts, For this reason this definitely has to happen and be brought to the market.


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