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Most people don’t realize the power of physics, and the fact that all energy in this world comes from the sun. It is as natural a relationship as we can possibly get. The sun is a humongous gift, and all too often we have side-stepped adequately leveraging this gift, as we fell down the rabbit hole of technologic advancement blended with capitalism.
The problem with most every single thing we do is some company is making out on giving us a service that the sun would otherwise provide for free. Nearly everything we do that requires electricity, and cells, and towers and all of this other business that has made our world one, humongous electronic web of waves that we would wander through every day, can be provided by the sun, not to mention in a much healthier manner.
Finally someone has decided to leverage that power of the sun, and help us move from the “constantly dead battery” status on most of our smart phones, to a phone that is a beautiful hybrid combining the power of the sun during the day with the efficacy of battery usage when the sun goes down at night. This is very smart business.
The Curve smart phone , the brainchild of inventor Margarita Moore, is currently gaining traction, and soon this phone will likely be in the hands of many people on our planet. The dead battery status of so many devices will largely cease to be a factor with solar-powered smart phones.
Ms. Moore is truly altruistic in her efforts to bring this phone to market
IMs. Moore likely has a heart larger than the sun, because not only has she decided to make our children’s lives safer by developing a model of a phone that will never fail them during daylight hours, when most of our children are away from us, but she also identifies that there is a problem in our society that she just cannot fix with this device. That problem has to do with the fact that children are being killed every day.
The Curve phone will help every person in this world stop using so much electricity, to use the sun to power our coveted smart phone devices, and also help parents whose children have left the world prematurely have a source for funds to bury their child. This company, device and creator represent a serendipitous confluence-of-events showcasing all that is great about American society.
This is the stuff from which we are made, and that which makes our country great. Ms. Moore should be lauded for her efforts, For this reason this definitely has to happen and be brought to the market.


G7 solar phone

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My name is Margarita Moore and I am the inventor of the Curve Smart Phone. The Curve is a solar powered, touchscreen phone that can function as a home phone or be taken on the goI am seeking a licensing or royalty agreement for the patent allowed Curve Smart Phone.


The Curve Phone is a one of a kind Retro Style Phone with the latest in Technology features for Cell Phone use and Land Line Phone use.

The Curve Phone is a unique phone that takes us back to a retro phone style. The new cell phones are so small now with very little design to them other than the functionality. The new land line phones are still the same old clumsy phones from the seventies. The Curve Phone uses a curved body style that is small enough for a cell phone that can fit into a small purse or even a pocket and is also used for home use as a land line phone. 

 The main features of the curve phone are the curved body style that can come in many colors with a new technology LCD touch screen with all of the functionality of the latest technology phones. It has a top portion that is a solar panel that absorbs sunlight or any UV light to power the battery when sunlight is not available. It can be charged by an outside wall charger. The beauty of the solar panel is that the phone can charge itself during the day without worrying about finding a charger. 

The phone can be used for a land line as well by using the port feature with the sliding door that allows the land line to be plugged into the phone. It automatically changes the cell phone use to a land line with long distance charges and everything else that be different between the two types of phones.  The phone also can have many other features such as live video, a camcorder feature, crystal clear picture with a built in flash, a high battery capacity, blue tooth feature, printer with wireless feature, receive and end pictures, finger print program, texting features, GPS features, radio music player, LED blinking light when the phone rings in, weather program, alarm system, ringtone feature, cold weather and water resistance, built in Wi-Fi, HD for movies and videos, split screen for task features, self-healing material surface for scratches, speaker phone capability, flexible material for a longer lasting body. 

The inventor, Margarita Moore Lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and had an idea for a retro style phone that could be used as a cell phone and land line phone and have solar power capability with all the latest in new technology features. Margarita contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional & design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that she may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

Patent Ability & Engineering                                  

As of Aug 2015 I recieve my utilies and design patent. The Patent Search was performed by The Mars Rising Network and revealed nothing similar and that a granted patent could be obtained because of the unique design and functionality of the device as compared to other known devices.

The Market

The Domestic Market is very large to say the least. This product would sell in approximately 150,000 retail stores in the USA and throughout the international market.

The retail price would be from $199.99 to $499.99. The wholesale amount would be from $99.00 to $299.00 and the cost to manufacture would from $49.00 to $150.00. The costs are an estimate of course ranging from USA or overseas manufacturing and distribution.

The Curve Phone can have so many of these features because of its slightly larger size if preferred. It can be any size of length, depth, and width to accomplish any of these. It is a new style that has a very large market and could be a successful product in this modern technology with its unique look and style.

If you have an interest in more information regarding the Curve Phone and are a serious company that would be interested in a licensing agreement or distribution please contact me directly. 


Margarita Moore / Inventor / Patent Holder

G7 Solar Phone: Your First Choice for Electronics inCincinnati